Natures Design Jewelry

Inspired by Nature, Beautified by You.

Natures Design Jewelry offers a unique line of jewelry created or inspired by items found in nature- including real orchids, butterflies, shells, leaves, gemstones and pearls.

The "real" orchids  and "real" butterflies found on this website are preserved in resin so that the color and beauty of the jewelry piece last forever.

With the 24k gold line, we trim the pendant, necklace or earrings with 24k gold. Wear these jewelry items- and you will be the talk of the town. They simple have the "wow" factor you will not find with any other piece of jewelry!

Everything offered on this website was inspired by nature and beautified by you. It is my sincere wish that when you wear any of the jewelry you find here- you will be reminded of your unique inner beauty and the all of the natural beauty that surrounds you each and every day!

We guarantee all of our jewelry, and will provide a refund in the first 30 days of purchase.